Article 2. The New Psychology: Channeling as a Transformative Practice

Dr. Liora Birnbaum

            It all started with a book I read, about 20 years ago. It was given to me by someone who said he had no use for it anymore.

The book spoke about energetic beings communicating with people, channeling it was. It spoke about our relationship with the Universe and described it as a vibrant living being. What amazed me then, I remember, was a statement which repeated itself over and over again: "you don’t know who you really are".

Do you?

At the time, it all seemed to me like a fantastic story, which I had no clue about. Today, 20 years later, this fantasy has become my new living reality.

Who Am I?

            I'm a psychotherapist with over 26 years of experience. Dr. of psychology, who traded an academic career for the privilege of working with the Universe, in the service of development. I have been integrating channeling into my clinical work for 15 years now.

I had no idea that my life would take such a drastic turn, but then again channeling is never predictable. It does not bow to  logic, to rational thinking or to familiar knowledge.

 When I first started hearing voices, I was partially amused, although an ordinary therapist might have wished to send me for a psychological evaluation…Those voices taught me all I know about what I call the 'psychology of the soul. I learned about the soul's early developmental stages, which apparently occur prior to physical manifestation.

 My cosmic friends introduced me to the way by which  we all 'write and sign' our life contract, that is, our road map, our inner plan to be fulfilled here.  Along the years the number of beings, voices, I communicate with, has grown and through them I was introduced to new non -local 'cosmic libraries', from which I obtain varied knowledge, some of which I'll share with you in my articles.

 Channeling as a Transformative Mechanism        

            The purpose of this article is to encourage you to find your own connection with the Universe, if you haven't done so yet. It is essential that we all move forward to the new paradigm, our world has taken upon itself; As you can see, our world is changing rapidly.

Therefore I was asked by my cosmic friends to talk to you about finding your way home.   By that I mean, that you would find a way,  be it on your own, with the help of a book or with someone near you, to learn how to use your consciousness as a vehicle to reach out to the transpersonal,  and get to know yourself better.

My life experience as well as my patients and students, testify to the fact, that channeling can be a  transformative process, it has the power to change one's life.  It could inspire your inner knower to break through restrictions of space and time, and expose you to the true nature of who you are, and to that, which you have agreed to accomplish here.

When this inner knower awakens, along come questions like who am I? Why am I here? What is the real meaning of significant relationships in my life? Is what I see, hear, or touch, the only reality there is?

The answer to these questions can no longer be limited to your familiar life story.

No more.

We are shifting towards an intuitive ,less physical  universal paradigm, therefore the major factors which governed our lives are about to change, among them our fears. Fears keep us attached  to the physical reality: Our senses mediate the outer reality to us,  through them we decide what is real. They are also the best 'fear keepers', since we rely on them in order to decide what frightens us and what not.

Channeled material can rise above the human perception and revile the true nature and  origin of feelings and emotions, stubborn patterns and persistent fears, which we naturally attribute to our current life circumstances.

What is Channeling

            To put it simply, channeling has to do with using consciousness as a vehicle or as a research instrument in order to obtain knowledge from the Universe. This knowledge becomes accessible through the use of alter states of consciousness, shifting from an ordinary state to an amplified one.

Technically, it involves changing brain waves and frequencies just like any other receptive device does; It builds on meditative states and takes it a step further, that of communicating with transpersonal reality, with the Universe, the Spirit, or God- choose your title.  It also  involves your soul energy and your heart. Your emotional world may influence the type of chandler you may become, therefore taking this step seriously may initiate positive change in your life.

It is a comprehensive technology which is yet to be thoroughly researched, but my experience teaches me this: This is a responsive and a communicative Universe. We can converse with it.

This technology is our current and next phase :It goes hand in hand with this paradigm shift I mentioned before, because this era is about rapid consciousness expansion.

The world has gone through revolutions aimed at different goals. There were times when the world focused on cultural and humanistic renaissance.  There were times when the world went through an industrial revolution. There were times when the world was (and still is) involved in fighting over the definition of the expression of God through religion etc.

Now is the time for the worlds conscious revolution,  which brings many to search for transpersonal  aspects in their lives.  When you learn to channel, you personally assist the planet in its new quest, through your own joining consciousness.

Connecting Between Realities

            We need to recognize two magical factors which differentiate between soul's memory and human memory, and now, after introducing the existence of transpersonal  reality, it's even more crucial you consider them as part of remembering who you are.

The first is your immortality as a spirit; It is unborn and therefore unable to die. This type of acknowledgement is not an integral part of human experience. On the contrary, most people live their lives fearing death or trying to avoid it.

Second is the ability to be ever inter-connected, inter -dependent, and inter -related to all there is, while  manifesting individuality at its best, at the same time.

This may not be possible on a physical level, however working on and with your expanding consciousness will allow you to experience both states more and mor, and eventually it will find its way into your everyday life, and it will influence your relationships with people.

These two themes, of immortal existence and individuality within Oneness, are  two key issues to be reconsidered before we move on to our  next phase as a planet, which is the intuitive phase, as part of the big expansion. This is so, since our physical senses will not allow us to "become immortal and inter connected". They are the 'safe guards', making sure we maintain our illusive ideation about the mechanical world we live in.

Should these sensory perception persist, you will not be able to transcend your being and experience your "self" as an integral part of the One Self. For that to happen, you need to reach states of dissolving, of merging with the Self, and your senses will not allow this unless you find a way to bypass them.

How? By activating your intuitive skills; They can smuggle you in to the larger, higher, cosmic consciousness, into the One.

Many are convinced that intuition is an additional, yet, questionable 6th sense, which requires connecting to.

The truth is intuition is no sense, it is the essence of your divine existence. This divinity has collected five other physical senses, so you can believe that physical reality is all there is.

What many call an intuitive sense, is in fact, the ability to recognize the true nature of being. It may appear to you as a sudden understanding, a guiding gut feeling, or as an unexplained passion for someone or something.

It is no sense – it is the essence of being, it is the speaking spirit within you.

Channeling -Based-Psychotherapy; From a victim to a collaborator.

            Exposure to channeled material, in the course of therapy can be very powerful, as it awakens inner and  hidden knowledge, and allows it to bridge between the varied perceptions of the self, reviled in such therapy.  It could become powerful for you as well, should you choose to, therefore I would like to encourage you to find your own way to do it.

Exposure to the soul's metaphysical journey means gaining knowledge about your own 'life contract', which has your signature on it, before coming here.  Realizing that, will not allow you to continue feeling like a victim, if you feel so. Victim of bad luck, bad genetics, victim of other people, destiny or even a victim of God.

Working with the Universe means agreeing to the outmost acceptance of one's accumulative choices, it also means agreeing to shift from a state of a passive subordinate to being the creator of your life. From a victim to a collaborator.

When you reach such self realization you complete a full circle and may cure the drama of your life which manifests itself through your most profound fears.                             Your Karma- Drama is a repetitive life scenario, which reflects your soul's unique separation journey from the big Spirit. Each soul and its own separation story, each soul and its own forming fear; A fear which becomes an integral part of her exclusive features and self- identity. Here on earth, this energetic formation is translated into emotions, perceptions, intentions and directions with led by the resonance of that departure story (see article on Karma Drama).

Getting acquainted with this 'behind the scene' hidden story, and others, You may revile a lot of significant  information, which may pave the way to a much larger understanding of  your most profound fears and  inhibitions but not only. You may in fact gain a better coherence regarding your life's puzzle.

Exposure to transpersonal philosophy, the expansion provided by channeled information and the realization that your life reality is merely a tangible manifestation of an enormous non- local consciousness, an expression of a movement within a dance, all these could change the way you view and conceptualize human life on earth. Your life.

For example, you may realize you actually never left… that your Karma- Drama which governs your life is the result of your "spiritual amnesia" preventing you from remembering where you came from and who you really are.  This is the time to remember you are always connected and always loved; It's time to realize that we are not people undergoing spiritual experiences, we are, in fact, brave spirits, undergoing human experiences.

Connecting to Inner Guidance

            I may suggest a meditative exercise which you could follow on your own, whenever you have time on your hands, even if you don’t have the full departure story.

You might want to use your meditative skills in order to go back in time, to the moment of departure, the moment of separating from the One, the moment of formation, of becoming an individual soul and acknowledging the need to start moving on your own.

Just close your eyes, let your breath lead you, don’t forget to focus your attention on your third eye, and gently bring your attention back to your breathing should your mind starts to wonder.  Use any technique which works for you and imagine yourself at an early age: 3-4 years old you are, ready to leave alone on a journey… unknown… looking up at the grownups.

 Let yourself experience whatever comes, feelings, visions, memories perhaps, just make sure you let them come -and you let the go. Find the way to do this and repeat it for a while. Every time you'll go there, you'll know who you are, each time you'll open your eyes- you will not forget again.

The more you'll stay there, meditating, or channeling, the more you cross the restrictive lines, you have set before yourself decades ago. Getting in touch with your spiritual guides, with your higher self, reaching out to some of your hidden stories, all these may form a new linkage between different pieces of experience, and  could promote healing.

Your soul  might be able to choose differently through you, when sharing mutual knowledge with your personality, moving towards a more focused and direct path.

The New Paradigm

            So here is what I'm asked to deliver nowadays as a general message:  

"This global shift, is a mega shift of plans ,as if the architect has decided to draw a different plan for the building.  You, as builders of this world, have all agreed to yield to the patriarch for ages, therefore your world believed in maintaining classes and status, as necessary to preserve, what you have accomplished.

 linear layers have piled up, one on top of the other, like rocks, made you feel safer-since the one at the top, the leader, knows what's right for you, and so you could rely on him.  You trained your selves to be followers of mega- leaders in every aspect of life.

This is rapidly changing now, for your planet is maturing and you need to realize that you each have the power to create your own reality, you each have to become your own leaders. You cannot continue giving your power or wealth to others.

This planet is rediscovering the Goddess- feminine energy. Women are rediscovering their transformative role in those great changes. And they shall continue to do so.

Magical times awaits at the year 2018.

This is the year when the sky will open up again and a certain part of your world will experience a great flood. You need to know this now, so you will not think of it just as a natural hazard or as God's punishment. For it is not. On the contrary, we are talking about a new beginning, which the flooding water will enable, since there are parts of the cosmic consciousness which are inaccessible without the help of running water. This will not be the first time.

This, so called flood, will open the door to the discovery of new worlds which  may wish to contact you and vise a versa.   Channelers will be able to communicate with this new consciousness, and the world will witness a scientific breakthrough. The impossible will become possible in technology, science and medicine.

Later on, the spirit will join hands with science and will lead the world forward.

Come, join us in this, find the way to connect to the  Universe, to cosmic consciousness, to the spirit".

Be well.